BiO of the Kwacks: Cleveland's Finest

The Kwacks were formed because a bunch of punkers wanted to play a show but didn't have bands. So one day(before there were a bassist and a drummer), the singer and the guitar slinger set up a show at the Jim Clevo Stage. They found a drummer and a bassist and played the show without ever practicing. The music quality of the Kwacks was really bad, but for some reason people liked them. The public had not seen a band this sleazy since perhaps the Meatmen exploded on the Detroit scene in the early 80's Second wave of punk. It was obvious that the Kwacks would go on to leave a lasting legacy on the Cleveland punk scene. But they decided to call it quits when they heard Blink 182 and decided that punk had taken a turn for the worse. As the great Iron Chris once said, "I don't wan't to be associated with a movement that the mainstream culture has tapped into and bastardized, stripping it of all that it once meant, with a pop band who faked everyone into thinking that they had attitude. So were calling it quits."

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