Iron Chris :

Band: The Hit Squad, the Kwacks

Weapon: Wu-bat

Saying: "If your gonna puke, puke, just yell ROCK AND ROLL."


Favorite word: Nikubo

Weapon: Chainz

Quote: "whaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Adam Bomb:

Band: The Hooigans, The Kwacks

Favorite shape: SQUARE

Weapon: Switchblade

Tim SignOff:

Band: The SignOffs

Fight total: 5

Opponents: 300

N Squared :

Favorite color: green

Favorite word: "West"

Quote: "School sucks"

Noah B Communist:

Band: The Hit Squad, the Kwacks

Weapon: fists of fury

Saying: "Die Die Die"


Band: The Kwacks

Weapon: found in his house, in a drawer, Clue- Micky Mouse

Quote: "Uhh"


Band: The Hit Squad

Weapon: Flying feet

Quote: "Rock and Roll"

Fat Dave:

Band: the Hit Squad

Weapon: No need, he has mastered the art of fake wrestling

Quote: "What are you doing here, go away"


Favorite word: yeah

Claim to fame: 5000 pairs of pants

Quote: "Yeah"


Musical taste: Death Metal

Claim to fame: The son of God

Quote: "Change


Favorite Word: Salt

Color: White

Quote: "West Side"

Yo-Yo Dave:

Favorite Location: The West Side

Favorite Word: West Side

Favorite Letter: "W"


Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Shape: Cylindar

Favotire Letter: "W"